Pure Energy Apothecary Essential Oils

There's something wonderful about walking into a room filled with beautiful fragrance. Our 6 oz. bottles of Pure Energy Apothecary Essential Oils can be purchased as replacements for our custom reed diffusers or however you want to apply to them in your home. We offer our essential oils in the following scents:
Lavender ~ Offers a calming aroma that soothes the heart and mind, easing tension and helping mend feelings of depression or emotional conflict.
Pure Aromatherapy ~  Our exquisite signature blend of the finest lavender and orange essential oils is relaxing and uplifting.
Citrus Escape ~ Absolutely delicious and invigorating. Infused with lime peel, bergamot, fresh verbena, green tea, crisp sage and dewy bamboo.
Sweet Orange: ~ No one can resist the feeling of happiness and contentment the lovely sweet orange brings.
Typically ships in 3 - 5 business days.

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